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Seaborn is working to report according to UN sustainable development goals.
Seaborn organic salmon is produced with a technology, passion and care that approves the fish welfare and makes the fish stay healthy.

Debio logoThe salmon production complies with EU organic regulations and the entire value chain from brood stock to export is regularly inspected by the certification DEBIO.

Our main criteria for Seaborn organic is as follows:

  • max density in pen of 10 kg/m3
  • the feed contains large amounts of marine raw materials made from fish off-cuts that derives from sustatinable fisheries
  • high content of marine oil will make Seaborn organic a good source of the fatty acids EPA and DHA
  • the nets are not treated with copper reducing the impact on the environment
  • cleaner fish is used to keep the salmon free of sea lice
  • Panaferd is a natural colorant in the feed for pigmentation
  • no hormones
  • no GMO
  • no antibiotics