In 2001 several family-owned and operated fish farmers decided to band together, combining their vast experience in fish farming based on generations of living off of the sea. Although separated by hundreds of kilometers of Norwegian coastline, they all had in common a deep appreciation and respect for the sea and its harvest, sharing the same values regarding sustainable fish farming and local commitment.

They named their fledgling company Seaborn.

A name that would come to be a mark of distinction, a badge signifying high-quality, sustainable salmon and trout. A badge you can trust.

Local identity was, and continues to be, of paramount importance to Seaborn. We are proud to be able to contribute to some of Norway's numerous coastal districts, creating value and jobs for local communities through our 54 fish farms. At the same time, we are humble and thankful for the trust shown to us as we strive to operate in a sustainable and environmentally robust way.

A legacy of sustainable fish farming

Our perspective spans generations. As important as it is to drive value creation and local growth, what is even more crucial is that we ensure a healthy, sustainable and environmentally conscious fish farming business that will continue to prosper for generations to come.

This perspective, although prudent and responsible in its mindset regarding sustainability and environmental impact, has seen Seaborn grow into one of the largest companies in Norway in the field of fish farming in record time, exporting high-quality salmon and trout products to more than 60 countries worldwide and simultaneously earning certifications from GlobalG.A.P., ASC, GSSI, MSC and Debio. Proving that it is possible to grow and attain market share without compromising on the values and ideals that made Seaborn possible at the turn of the millennium.