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Osland organic is an exclusive product from Osland Havbruk, one of Seaborn’s biggest shareholders.

Osland has since 1963 developed and preserved Norway’s oldest trout broodstock, as well as tailoring the optimal growth conditions for fish roe and smolt.

60 years of innovation and gene development results in the most delicious, high-quality fish for the end-consumer.

Osland Organic Fjord Trout is produced with passion, care and a technology that ensures sustainability in the whole value chain.

Our organic fjord trout production complies with EU organic regulations and the entire value chain from broodstock to export is regularly inspected by the certification organ DEBIO.

Securing a fully organic production that ensures fish welfare and health:

  • supreme quality
  • beautiful color
  • perfect texture
  • remarkably healthy
  • outstanding taste
  • certified feed containing large amounts of marine and sustainable raw materials
  • max density in pen of max 1 % (10 kg/m3)
  • the nets are not treated with copper reducing the impact on the environment
  • Panaferd is a natural colorant in the feed for pigmentation
  • no hormones
  • no GMO
  • no antibiotics in the sea
  • high content of marine oil makes Osland Organic a good source of the fatty acids EPA and DHA